Theodor Laue & Co. e.K.

Farger Straße 64A
28777 Bremen
Tel.: 0421 - 18553
Fax: 0421 - 18662


Theodor Laue & Co.e.K., founded 1952 by Senator Theodor Laue in Bremen/Germany, is one of the most experienced company's for export of Automotive Spare Parts.

Best world-wide contacts and profound know-how of the trade secures a long lasting business success.

The strongest point of Theodor Laue & Co. e. K. is the South-East Asia market. Fast and reliable exports to more than 30 countries world-wide are possible with their Small Business Concept.

The Motto of Theodor Laue & Co. e. K. is „Customers Service“, and that is always NUMBER ONE.

Prompt and individual Service and experiences for more than 50 years allow flexible, reliable and fast transaction of all inquiries and orders. Furthermore, all customers deal with the same service manager, who is authorized to meet all needs of the customers.

The result: A solid business concept for the benefit of all companies working with Theodor Laue & Co. e. K.

S A L E S – P R O G R A M:


∙Brake drums and discs ZIMMERMANN, FZB
∙Brake linings, pads, shoes, rivets JURID, TEXTAR, ATE
∙Brake parts for air and hydraulic system WABCO, KNORR, ATE, FAG
∙Clutch discs, pressure plates, release bearings F&S, LUK
∙Electrical parts, i.e. alternators, starters, rotors, BOSCH, HELLA, MONARK, SWF
∙regulators, switches, condensers, head lights etc.
∙Engine mountings, supports FEBI, LMI
∙Exhaust systems, pipes and silencers ERNST, EBERSPÄCHER, HILDEBRAND
∙Filters (oil, fuel, air) KNECHT, MANN, HENGST, BOSCH
∙Gaskets and gasket sets ELRING, DPH, GOETZE
∙Gearboxes and parts ZF, MAET
∙GENUINE parts for ALL German cars and trucks, like MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, OPEL, VW / AUDI, MAN
∙Injection pumps, nozzles, valves, elements etc. BOSCH, MONARK, SCHMITTER,
∙Oil seals KACO, BRUSS, CFW
∙Pistons and assemblies, Piston rings and sets MAHLE, KS, GOETZE, SM
∙Propeller shafts, universal joints GKN (GWB, LOEBRO)
∙Pumps (oil, fuel, water, steering) FEBI, BOSCH, TEGUFA, ZF, PIERBURG
∙Shock absorbers F&S, LUK
∙Steering parts, pumps ZF
∙Thermostates BEHR, WAHLER
∙Valves, inlet and exhaust SM
∙Windscreens PILKINGTON

We carry a complete range of spare parts and accessories. Please ask us also for items not mentioned in this list !! THEODOR LAUE & CO. e.K., BREMEN/GERMANY