ICS Innovative Care Systems Andernach GmbH
Division Environment Care Systems

Lohmannstr. 2
56626 Andernach
Tel.: +49 (0) 2632 99-2345
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ECS Environment Care Systems is a division of ICS Innovative Cares Systems Andernach GmbH, which in turn belongs to LTS LOHMANN Therapie-Systeme AG. We offer high performance services towards development and manufacture of new, innovative delivery systems for general consumer applications in home and personal care as well as specific pest control applications in home and garden care, amenity care and agriculture.

Our corporate concept is based on the philosophy of a divsion of responsibilities. ECS does not market products itself but provides products and services for brand marketing companies looking for either high sophisticated advanced product technologies or just for new and trendy niche products. ECS does not sell products to the end-user.

For very specific and individual customer needs we have flexible solutions that provide reliable and consistent performance but also respect the requirements of environmental health as well as quality standards. With our product technologies we take active part in environment care for reasons of responsibility to protect and keep the natural fundamentals of life.

Full service from idea to product launch - at ECS in one hand!

We offer ready-to-use products, we transfer existing lab formulations of our customers to industrial manufacturing scale and we handle new development projects from beginning to end.

Formulation, raw materials and product design will be jointly selected in order to achieve the required product performance.

With our flexible manufacturing technologies we realise new products even in small quantities at competitive prices and provide customised part or full service production.

Our main technological expertise includes compounding, formulating, coating, laminating, impregnating, die-cutting and converting various materials into delivery systems such as patches, laminates, peel cards, labels, sachets and other creative product technologies.

Reliable and reproducible product quality is ensured by an established GMP quality management system according to DIN-EN-ISO 9001:2000 standards.

All processes are in compliance with the relevant laws as well as external and internal directives concerning environment care and protection of natural resources.

ECS technologies have been developed for making convenient delivery systems featuring controlled release of active substances. Gentle manufacturing processes allow incorporation of sensitive actives into one or multilayer polymeric matrices being coated onto different foils, films, papers, foams, non-wovens or fabrics.
Besides, various carrier materials can be impregnated with fragrance blends or essential oils by preserving the original sense of scents.

Due to a tremendous range of options in product design, all sorts of components can be applied for developing the following creative product types: Patch Systems, Trapping Devices and Peel-Cards.

For further detailed information you visit us please on our homepage. Naturally we are to you also gladly personally at the disposal.