Tube-Mac® Piping Technologies GmbH

Egon-Schiele-Str. 1
AT-4614 Marchtrenk
Tel.: 0043 - 7243 - 51200
Fax: 0043 - 7243 - 51200 - 20


Tube-Mac® Piping Technologies Ltd. wurden im Jahr 1977 gegründet. Es ist seit dem ein weltweit tätiges Unternehmen mit TUBE-MAC® Niederlassungen in Kanada, den USA, in Spanien und in Brasilien; Händler und Vertretungen in Nordamerika, Europa, Skandinavien, Asien und dem Mittleren Osten.

Tube-Mac® Piping Technologies GmbH is located in the city of Marchtrenk near Linz. It is a fully functional piping system supplier from 3-D piping design layout to pipe prefabrication and on site installation including oil flushing and commissioning.

They have the capabilities to fabricate from 6mm up to 324mm. Prefabrication is their speciality especially for large diameter pipes. They can cold bend in house up to 168.3mm (6”) pipe and outsource cold bending of larger diameters. Tube-Mac® Austria has a vast inventory and resources for E235+N (St37.4 NBK) and E355+N (St 52.4 NBK) pipe. If the request for an odd diameter or wall thickness is required they can source it. Over the years, they have branched out beyond hydraulic and lubrication systems to many other applications as requested by their customers

Tube-Mac® Austria also stocks flare and retain ring flanges, PYPLOK® fittings and tools, clamps, and ball valves. As a resourceful group, just ask and they can most likely source it for you.

Products :

•TM 37º Flare
•TM Retain Ring
•Supplemental Products

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