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your reliable partner for opto-electronic components

Founded in 1994, Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a private company engaged in development, production and distribution of a wide range of laser diodes and incorporating them products - laser diode modules, diode-pumped SS frequency-doubled lasers and OEM modules. As complementary products FLC supplies SMT laser diode drivers and collimator optic, laser diode headers and caps, a range of MIR and rare-earth-doped optical fibers.

Utilizing access to the most modern technologies world-wide (Germany, USA, Japan,) combined with lowest prices on the market, FLC is proud to provide the high quality products at the most affordable prices whether OEM quantity or custom design tailor made for a specific application. To name some - IR laser diode with absolutely homogeneous light distribution, SM laser diodes 730nm, 740nm, 760nm, 770nm, SM 790-980nm 150mW, 1550nm 15mW, a series of laser diodes 1000nm -1700nm. Many products are delivered ex-stock.

FLC based its strategy in making the happy customer the #1 priority in its business. We provide you with test samples ex-stock and will take them back free of charge if you are not satisfied. Our experienced engineers are ready to develop any OEM product you look for. Due to low administrative and overhead expenses and technical expertise FLC is ready to support any project involving semiconductor laser/LED/optic both engineering- and price-wise.

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Die 1994 gegründete Frankfurt Laser Company ist ein privat geführtes Unternehmen. Es hat sich auf die Entwicklung, die Produktion und den Vertrieb einer breiten Palette von Laserdiodenmodulen, Diodengepumpter Festkörperlaser und OEM Modulen spezialisiert.

Seit über 10 Jahren ist unser Unternehmen, auch durch sein internationales Netzwerk von Vertretern, Weltweit in der Industrie bekannt für seinen guten Service. Wir sind in der Lage auch die anspruchsvollsten Anwendungen aus den verschiedensten Bereichen zu Unterstützen, wie z.B. aus:


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